Beautiful Note Taking

Allegory is a powerful notes app with a beautiful iOS-centric UI. The minimal and focused writing experience, combined with an impressive set of powerful features, makes this the ideal choice for everyone. Allegory removes the complexity of most markdown editors, presenting a minimal UI that’s welcoming for casual writers and note-takers as well as more attuned authors, making it a great app for you to pick up regardless of your background and skill level.


Allegory immediately launches to the clean and simple note editor screen, boosting your productivity and reducing friction between wanting to write down what you’ve just thought of, and actually getting it written down. Support for valid markdown as well as custom markdown makes it easier to create your best work.

Allegory also includes a brilliant hand-crafted drawing area which lets you select from a variety of colors, long-holding on any of the tools brings them into focus with sliders to adjust their opacity and stroke size with gorgeous animations that strike awe.

You can bookmark and set due dates on any note from anywhere in the app regardless of where you are, which makes performing essential actions entirely seamless, further reducing friction for users. Seamless iCloud sync adds upon the notion of keeping your notes exactly where they need to be. Notes can be searched for within the app in ways that make sense to you, by words and dates, or by using language that comes naturally such as ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, and ‘last week’. A summary of your current note also provides further context on your writing by displaying character/word/line/paragraph counts, sentiment analysis to portray how positive or negative your writing is, quick links to open the specific note, and more.

Inspiration can strike anywhere, and that is why Allegory supports custom action extensions that allow creating notes and putting down ideas from other apps. You can also use Siri to do the same. Scan documents and text to convert it to notes, or add images within notes to provide more context. When you want to share your work with the world, use one of the many export options to create files that work best for you, from TXT and MD, to HTML and PDF. Or simply export as an image or plain text. It's built in ways that make sense to your workflow.

Tweak and adjust the app to make it look and behave the way that you want. From app icons and tints, to markdown settings and haptics, there's a settings option to make the app your own. URL schemes and Siri shortcuts allow you to perform useful actions in Allegory from anywhere. Allegory is available on your iPhone, your iPad, and your Apple Watch, and supports seamless iCloud sync to share notes without lifting a finger.

All the power of iOS is in your hands with Allegory. It is fully integrated with the latest technologies such as Dark Mode, a standalone Apple Watch app, Siri, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Context Menus, iCloud sync, Notifications, document scanning, biometric locks, custom haptics, Pencil support, keyboard shortcuts, URL schemes, custom app icons, iMessage stickers, fully accessible, and more.


  • Supports dark mode

  • Standalone Apple Watch app (with Complications)

  • Context Menus and Quick Actions

  • Document scanning

  • Multi-Window support

  • Image to text conversion

  • Document picker support

  • Biometric FaceID/TouchID app locks

  • Seamless iCloud notes and settings syncing

  • Link previews for presenting lists of URLs

  • Text classification, sentiment analysis, and synonyms support

  • Apple Pencil support

  • Drag and Drop support

  • Today Extension widget

  • SiriKit custom shortcuts

  • Markdown text styling support (custom and valid markdown)

  • Push notifications

  • Drag and Drop support

  • iPad multiple windows support

  • iPad keyboard shortcuts

  • Dynamic text sizing

  • Accessibility labels and VoiceOver

  • URL schemes

  • Export notes to TXT, MD, PDF, RTF, HTML, custom Allegory file, and images

  • Keyboard haptics option

  • Custom action extension to create notes from other apps

  • Low power mode and reduce motion checks within the app

  • Parallax shadows and motion

  • iMessage stickers

  • Custom haptics

  • 50+ custom app icons

  • 20+ app themes

  • Gorgeous UI and intuitive gestures

  • Localized (English US, English UK, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish)

  • Universal iPhone and iPad app

  • No data collected or shared with third parties, at all